Light Cartridge

Shiftup damping cartridge for RockShox SID Light Cartridge 

Your XC Race Bike is weight technically absolutely trimmed to win, Carbon far as the eye and 

noblest lightweight parts from the frame until the last titanium screw. 

However, further weight reduction seems no longer possible without stability problems? 

But go easy yet concise 100g! 


The superlight tuning damping cartridge Shift Up gives you the last ace in the hole, or even in the fork in the race against the clock! 

Of course, the weight saving has to come from somewhere, so the cartridge produced in France dispensed externally adjustable rebound and the ability to connect a remote lockout. Instead, it comes with preset rebound 

and external pressure stage adjustment up to the lockout. 


3 different versions for 26 ", 27.5" and 29 "Forks. 


Technical specifications: 

Material: Aluminum 

Compatibility: RockShox, Fox, Magura, DT 

Possible settings: preset pressure level over lockout, rebound 

Version: 26 " 100 mm, 27.5" 100/120 mm or 29 " 100/120 mm 


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